Transdermal Drug Delivery

Aptar CSP is the proven expert in offering uniquely flexible, broad-spectrum product protection for Transdermal Drug Delivery devices.

For customers looking to improve the stability and shelf life of transdermal patches without the need for process changes or reformulation, Aptar CSP is the ideal solution partner.

Aptar CSP’s Activ-FilmTM technology can be used to control RH or oxygen levels, or to eliminate odors or reduce the levels of certain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in a package. Solutions can be designed to solve a specific problem or address multiple issues simultaneously.


  • Reduced cost – Can be attained by combining multiple solution technologies into a single product
  • Extended shelf life – Gained through controlling the headspace environment
  • Manufacturing efficiency – Activ-FilmTM materials can be customized to meet specific packaging and automation requirements
  • Improved performance – The reliability and repeatability of CSP solutions will reduce the variability in your product created through interaction with unwanted volatiles in headspace
  • Ease of Implementation – CSP’s solutions replace difficult process or design changes to the product itself