Smoking Alternative Packaging Solutions

Aptar CSP Technologies offers advanced packaging solutions for a wide variety of smoking alternative products, including e-cigarettes, lozenges, tablets and transdermal patches.

The company’s innovative designs serve to ensure product stability, extend the shelf life and enhance branding for greater competitive differentiation.

In providing these solutions, Aptar CSP showcases its expertise in the design and commercialization of Child Resistant (CR) and Senior Friendly (SF) packaging, both of which are critical in the smoking alternatives market segment.

Aptar CSP’s portfolio of desiccated Activ-Vial™ containers consists of various sizes of one-piece, flip-top, permanently desiccated vials and bottles. Both provide manufacturers multiple options to satisfy their packaging requirements, and deliver unparalleled protection for premium non-smoking nicotine products. In addition, our Activ-Film™ materials absorb moisture to ensure product stability and extend shelf life for products using blister packs, stick packs, and foil pouches.


  • Ensures product stability
  • Enhances branding for premium products
  • Extends product shelf life