Probiotics / Nutraceuticals

Aptar CSP Technologies offers advanced packaging solutions for probiotic product protection to ensure product stability, extend the shelf life of probiotics, and enhance branding for greater competitive differentiation.

Aptar CSP’s portfolio of desiccated CSPTM containers consists of various sizes of one-piece, flip- top, desiccated vials and bottles providing manufacturers with multiple options to satisfy their packaging requirements and deliver unparalleled protection for high-value probiotics.

In addition, Aptar CSP’s Activ-FilmTM materials adsorb moisture to ensure product stability and extend shelf life for products using blister packs, stick packs, and foil pouches.

Features of the CSPTM flip-top design

  • Easy open/close, “click” sound
  • Moisture-tight and leak-proof sealing
  • Attached lid cannot be lost or misplaced

Engineered Desiccant Sleeve

  • Controlled moisture absorption
  • Surrounds product

Features of the CSPTM bottle

  • Compatible with standard screw caps
  • Injection molded bottle allows product to be completely surrounded by desiccant sleeve

Benefits of the Activ-FilmTM materials

  • Ensures product stability
  • Extends product shelf life
  • Eliminates need for refrigeration
  • Seamless integration into flexible packaging applications

Benefits of the CSPTM portfolio

  • Ensures product stability
  • Enhances branding for premium products