Oral Solid Dose

Aptar CSP Technologies provides multiple solutions for capsule and tablet drug dosages through its Activ-VialTM and Activ-BlisterTM portfolios.

Aptar CSP Activ-BlisterTM solutions protect moisture- and oxygen-sensitive solid doses packaged on thermoform-fill- seal equipment.

Using silica gel and molecular sieve technology, outfitted blisters can absorb tailored amounts of water vapor, oxygen, or a combination of the two, and can be produced in shapes and sizes to accommodate any tablet and capsule size by securely binding to the lid stock with or without adhesives.

Aptar CSP’s Activ-VialTM portfolio consists of one-piece, flip-top desiccated vials, and desiccated bottles in a range of sizes. Both formats provide manufacturers various options to satisfy their packaging requirements. Aptar CSP’s tailored process develops an optimized active packaging solution to meet the stability needs of specific products.

Benefits of Activ-BlisterTM solutions

  • Heat-staking, adhesive-free and cost effective
  • Eliminates residual solvents that can off-gas and interact with drug product
  • Oxygen scavenging formulation does not require moisture to be active; effective in low RH packages
  • VOC-scavenging capability
  • Development services
  • Implementation / validation support

Benefits of the Activ-VialTM portfolio

  • Ensures product stability
  • Enhances branding for premium products
  • Engineered desiccant sleeve surrounds the product