Effervescent Packaging

Keep the fizz active in effervescent tablets with Aptar CSP’s innovative packaging solution.

Aptar CSP Technologies incorporates our patented Activ-PolymerTM technology to create a packaging solution that guarantees product stability, maximizes shelf life and ensures optimal performance of effervescent tablets.

An essential factor when dealing with effervescent tablets is maintaining a balanced humidity. Moisture can leak into packaging causing effervescent tablets to discolor, dissolve too early, and/or lose effectiveness.

With Aptar CSP’s Activ-Polymer™ technology, moisture is controlled and product effectiveness is preserved. Our Activ-Polymer™ system is the ingenuity behind our Activ-Vial™ portfolio, which is commonly used by leaders in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. Aptar CSP Technologies, Inc. has advanced manufacturing methods that ensure moisture-tight containers with an integrated desiccated plastic sleeve that sets the industry standard for desiccant vials and bottles. These vials are designed to protect the product inside. Incorporating desiccant helps protect the active ingredients
in effervescent tablets.

Unlike other packaging solutions, where desiccant is found only on the small surface of the lid, Aptar CSP Technologies offers a product where the tablets are completely surrounded by a desiccated sleeve. Other market solutions use small desiccant granules; however, these particles can accidentally mix with the tablets and could potentially be ingested by the consumer. A desiccated sleeve prevents this from happening and enhances safety for potential consumers.

A retaining spring is incorporated into the lid of the vial for shock reduction. This mechanism minimizes damage to the tablets during shipping. A tamper-evident feature ensures product integrity as soon as it reaches the consumer.

When compared to other effervescent packaging solutions on the market, Aptar CSP’s solutions provide an innovative desiccated one-piece unit that has the ability to be opened and closed with one hand.


  • Tamper-evident safe design
  • Ensures product stability
  • Enhances branding for premium products
  • Easy open/close, “click” sound
  • One-piece flip-top vials make it easier for automated tablet filling
  • Moisture-tight and leak-proof sealing
  • Attached lid cannot be lost or misplaced