Many drugs can be administered in oral solid dose form as capsules, tablets, or chewable tablets. Because this route is the most convenient, usually the safest, and often least expensive, it is also the one most often used.1 However, in their development, there can be stability issues associated with moisture, oxygen and reactive impurities resulting in the loss of potency or degradant growth. Aptar CSP Technologies’ proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology can be deployed in multiple formats to protect these sensitive API’s and assure patients receive accurate dosage. This technology enables the creation of a specific, optimized, microclimate for oral solid dose drugs in order to meet stability requirements.

Activ-Blister™ Solutions

Activ-Blister™ Solutions provides drug product specific protection to address growing stability limitations in a blister packaging format. This innovative technology integrates Aptar’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ film into each individual blister cavity to provide the ideal microclimate to protect tablets or capsules inside a thermoformed blister package.

Using highly-engineered 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, Activ-Blister™ can adsorb tailored amounts of water vapor, scavenge oxygen or VOCs, or provide a combination of active protection. The technology can be fitted to accommodate any tablet or capsule size and is securely bound to the lid stock using our proprietary heat-staking technology.

This technology is proven to provide superior protection over cold-form foil blister packaging.

Why Activ-Blister™ Solutions?

  • Advanced product protection for controlling humidity, oxygen, and reactive impurities
  • Reduced package complexity: Actively control internal headspace without nitrogen flush, secondary packaging, or refrigeration
  • Move from cold-form to thermoform blisters enabling visibility of the dose with a 40-60% smaller blister footprint
  • Allows products traditionally packaged in bottles with canister or sachets to use thermoformed blister cards without sacrificing headspace protection
  • Can be integrated into existing blister packaging lines
  • Heat-staking, adhesive free and cost effective
  • Eliminates residual solvents that can off-gas and interact with drug product

Activ-Vial™ portfolio

Aptar’s Activ-Vial™ portfolio of solutions offers the next generation of oral solid dose protection in bottle or vial format. The integrated, molded 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ lines the bottle or vial to provide superior protection against residual and external moisture or oxygen, as well as light, eliminating the need for limited-capacity desiccant sachets or canisters that are used with traditional bottles.

Aptar CSP’s Activ-VialTM portfolio consists of one-piece, flip-top active vials and active bottles in a range of sizes. Both formats provide manufacturers various options to satisfy their packaging requirements.

Why Activ-Vial™ Solutions?

  • Meet ICH stability requirements
  • Extend shelf life for sensitive APIs
  • Enhanced speed to market
  • Meet label claims (i.e. probiotics CFUs and API potency)
  • Engineered 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ liner creates a microclimate for ultimate protection

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