Diagnostics and Diagnostic Strip Packaging

The at-home diagnostics market is expanding around the world. From glucose meters to coagulation and cardiac function testing systems, manufacturers of diagnostics products need to protect the integrity of reagents to ensure accuracy.

CSP has extensive experience in test-strip-based diagnostics packaging applications. We provide comprehensive, customized product protection solutions that:

Meet Precise Product Stability Needs

We work with customers to define the precise stability requirements for their specific reagent chemistry and design a packaging solution to match. Our Activ-Polymer® technology can be engineered to meet a wide range of product stability needs.

Accommodate A Range Of Form Factors

Our Activ-Vials® with innovative close-in-the-mold seal technology set the industry standard for desiccant vials. Our Activ-Film® technology is ideal for individually packaged strips. It can be applied to the inside of a foil pouch or even applied directly to the test strip itself.

Achieve Six-Sigma Quality Levels Every Day

CSP's automated manufacturing facilities coupled with our Six-Sigma quality inspection systems enable us to achieve the highest quality and consistency that is best in class in the packaging industry. CSP has delivered billions of units with a Six Sigma quality level, meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Comply with Regulatory Standards

All CSP products are manufactured in our highly automated production facilities that are compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Regulations, ensuring product safety and adherence to specifications.

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