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Molded Active Components

CSP produces custom device components using our patented Activ-Polymer® technology. Our Molded Active Components provide structure and protection simultaneously, enabling our customers to realize increased product performance, together with superior design and cost efficiency.

Superior Product Protection

Molded Active Components enable device designers to fully surround the product with Activ-Polymer®, for protection that surpasses conventional techniques.

Reduced Part Count

Because they serve a dual role in the device, Molded Active Components reduce the total part count and maximize the function of every component, doing more with less.

Design Flexibility

Molded Active Components are used in a wide range of applications—from inhalers and transdermal drug delivery to point-of-care diagnostic devices and powder dispensers. Tailored to the specific application, molded Activ-Polymer® components are solving complex product challenges in numerous applications every day.

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