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Innovative packaging with proven performance

Maximizing the shelf life, performance and convenience of our customers' products is the driving force behind everything we produce.

CSP specializes in developing and manufacturing customized packaging solutions to meet specific product protection and consumer packaging requirements. We also offer a line of established product protection solution platforms that deliver superior sealing and gas absorption to meet a broad spectrum of challenges.

Package Seal Technology

Our patented close-in-the-mold seal technology ensures a moisture-tight seal that helps preserve the stability and extend the potency of package contents. Unlike traditional closures that rely on foil induction seals, CSP solutions effectively “re-seal” to ensure product protection during shelf life and consumer use life. We also have proven solutions for tamper evidency and child-resistant, senior-friendly packages.

Activ-Polymer® Technology

Our patented Activ-Polymer® technology enables us to engineer and produce compounds that precisely control the package environment. Molded or extruded to meet your packaging or component requirements, Activ-Polymer® products can:

  • Maintain target relative humidity levels
  • Absorb odors or volatile compounds
  • Release aromas or anti-microbial agents

Our Activ-Polymer® technology helps protect your product's integrity and ensures a positive experience for your consumer.

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