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Advanced Desiccant Polymer Vials

Leaders in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries rely on our Activ-Vials® to protect their products, brands and reputations worldwide.

Incorporating our patented three-phase Activ-Polymer® technology and two-shot molding techniques, CSP Activ-Vials® offer a range of innovative advantages:

Attached Lid Design

Our attached lid design allows convenient, one-hand opening preferred by consumers. For the manufacturer, it simplifies inventory, production and automation processes.

Engineered Seal

Our precisely controlled, close-in-the-mold seal technology delivers a vial with a predictable and reliable opening force, optimized to suit elderly patient populations. This innovative seal technology also ensures low moisture ingress, maintaining proper relative humidity levels inside the vial to preserve product integrity, even through repeated openings.

Positive Closure Feedback

CSP Activ-Vials® provide an audible "click" confirming closure, minimizing the risk of moisture ingress due to incomplete closure. This is especially critical for sensitive reagent test strips and moisture sensitive drug products, which can be contaminated by exposure to moisture.

The Consumer's Choice

CSP commissioned an independent market research firm to interview hundreds of diabetic test strip users in multiple geographic locations regarding their packaging preferences. They surveyed users of test strips packaged in stopper-top and screw-top vials and in foil pouches.

  • 85% of vial users surveyed viewed the CSP vial "very favorably" and 72% indicated they would likely switch brands to a brand using CSP flip-top vials.
  • 68% of foil pouch users surveyed said they would likely switch to a brand using CSP flip-top vials. 46% of foil pouch users said they experienced difficulty in opening the pouches.
Active-Vial® Features

CSP Desiccant Sleeve

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