The CSP Technologies Activ-PolymerTM system is the ingenuity behind our Activ-VialTM portfolio, which is commonly used by leaders in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.

CSP Technologies Activ-Vial bottles 2

Our Activ-VialTM portfolio consists of one-piece, flip-top desiccated vials, and desiccated bottles across a range of sizes.

Both formats provide manufacturers various options to satisfy packaging requirements and deliver unparalleled protection that ensures product stability and maximizes product shelf life.

Features of the Activ-VialTM flip-top design

  • Easy open/close, “click” sound
  • Moisture-tight and leak-proof sealing
  • Attached lid cannot be lost or misplaced

Engineered Desiccant Sleeve

  • Controlled moisture absorption
  • Surrounds product

Vial Specifications

  • 6 to 166 ml internal volume
  • White standard, custom color options available
  • 14 to 47 mm internal diameter
  • 34 to 96 mm internal height

Features of the Activ-VialTM bottle

  • Compatible with standard screw caps

Benefits of the Activ-VialTM portfolio

  • Ensures product stability
  • Enhances branding for premium products

Bottle Specifications

  • 54 to 150 ml internal volume
  • White standard, custom color options available
  • 45 to 93 mm internal height
  • Compatible with 53 mm screw caps