CSP has taken product and consumer protection to the next level with Activ-SealTM closures by building our desiccant technology into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap container.

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This is an improvement over traditional methods of extending product shelf life, such as small canisters and sachets packaged along with products, which are time- and resource-consuming and carry the risk of accidental ingestion.

The screw cap can be placed onto a typical packer bottle utilizing industry standard capping systems. When the cap is induction sealed to the product bottle, the CSP Activ-SealTM closure becomes part of the bottle and cannot be removed. After the tamper-evident foil seal is removed, the product can then be dispensed via orifice reducer.


  • Metered dosing to ensure consumer protection
  • No canister or sachet moving freely in the product bottle
  • Moisture and other gas scavengers materials cannot be removed
  • Hazard markings “Do Not Eat” are not required, adsorption material part of the product container
  • Technology fits within standard caps
  • No additional packaging insertion equipment needed
  • Integrated orifice reducer as part of the product container