Active Blister Packaging

CSP’s Activ-Blister® technology is a new approach for protecting moisture- and oxygen-sensitive, solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

Superior Product Protection to Meet Specific Needs

CSP’s Activ-Blister® technology controls the internal atmosphere of each blister cavity, allowing for better product performance and shelf-life. Activ-Blister® can be produced in virtually every shape, offering superior flexibility in packaging design.

Activ-Blister® solves product protection concerns related to buffering humidity and removing moisture, oxygen and odors.

Innovative Performance For All Processes And Machinery

Product protection compatible with:

Product protection - Activ-Blister
  • Push Through Blisters
  • Peel Blisters
  • Sachets
  • Stick Packs
  • Pouches
  • High Barrier Foils, including both coldform and thermoform

Ready to Support Clinical Trial Volumes

CSP has equipment ready to support stability trials and clinical trial volumes.  In a variety of sizes, with multilayer barrier films or Alu-alu blisters, CSP can provide protection from both moisture and oxygen degradation.

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