The multi-shot molding techniques employed by CSP Technologies allow electric components to be protected from moisture, promoting product life extension while avoiding costly redesigns.

CSP’s three-phase Activ-PolymerTM technology provides solutions that meet today’s needs for miniaturization and integration, including multi-shot molding capability that combines multiple parts into one reducing complexity during both manufacturing and assembly.

CSP Advantages

CSP’s patented three-phase Activ-PolymerTM technology is comprised of a network of interconnected, transmitting channels to facilitate the diffusion of gasses into the polymer matrix. This channel structure enables CSP to engineer formulations that absorb or release gasses from polymers. In addition, our solutions do not use environmentally damaging epoxies or polyurethane, enabling safe recycling.

CSP can create tight seals that prevent air and moisture ingress under extreme conditions. In addition, we can create a single-part protection solution that releases low/no particles, providing a dust-free environment for your components.


  • Extends battery life through better efficiency
  • Keeps components dry to prevent corrosion and electrical shorts while eliminating costly steps in the manufacturing and packaging processes
  • Enables long-term storage without damage
  • Manages off-gassing and eliminates VOCs that can create corrosion or functional efficiency losses
  • Fits desiccant solutions within the space constraints of existing designs
  • Eliminate fogging for sight glasses or gauges