CSP Technologies has extensive experience providing packaging solutions that ensure product stability in applications ranging from diagnostic test strip dispensers to coagulation and cardiac function testing systems.

CSP’s Activ-VialTM portfolio consists of one-piece, flip-top desiccated vials, and desiccated bottles, both formats are available in multiple sizes. CSP’s advanced manufacturing methods ensure moisture-tight containers with a desiccated plastic sleeve that sets the industry standard for desiccant vials and bottles.

CSP’s Activ-FilmTM patented three-phase active polymer technology is ideal for individually packaged diagnostic strips. The Activ-FilmTM solutions can be applied to the insides of foil pouches, or directly to test strips themselves. CSP’s experts can work with customers to develop a system that meets or exceeds their product stability requirements.

The Activ-VialTM and Activ-FilmTM materials can be formulated to satisfy compliance requirements for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union guidelines for food and drug contact.