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Our goal is to provide innovative product protection systems to enhance safety and reliability, delivered through a dedication to superior quality and customer service.

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CSP Technologies is a global provider of custom polymeric solutions and specialty protective packaging for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Diagnostics, Consumer Goods and Probiotic sectors. We can offer a variety of solutions, including our patented Activ-Polymer™advanced desiccant polymer technology, to manufacture innovative protection solutions that enhance the stability, shelf life and convenience of our customers' products. We have manufacturing locations based in Auburn, Alabama and Niederbronn, France.

Capitol Dairy Solutions


Our company history shows over 45 years of dedication to the dairy sampling industry. Capitol Dairy Solutions has first-hand experience in the dairy industry from the farm to the laboratory. Our experience in dairy sampling has been gained by leading laboratory re-engineering projects with several major dairy laboratories around the world. We have a vast array of resources at our disposal to provide technical support from vial design to laboratory automation. Capitol Dairy Solutions is based in Niederbronn, France.

Capitol Plastic Products

Capitol Plastic Products

Capitol Plastic Products has over 50 years of knowledge and expertise in the dairy, food and nutraceutical business while currently serving as an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality, leak-proof, one-piece, flip-top containers. Capitol Plastic Products is based in Auburn, Alabama.

Capitol Cups

Capitol Cups

Capitol Cups, Inc. is a leading US designer and manufacturer of insulated and non-insulated travel cups, tumblers, and children's spill-proof cups. Our cups are proudly made in Auburn, Alabama. Capitol Cups utilizes patented and patent-pending designs and manufacturing processes to produce cups that are attractive and durable while still being cost effective and environmentally friendly.

 CSP Technologies N.A. is an affiliate of the Wendel Group. Wendel is a hands-on investor and shareholder that assists sector-leading companies in their long-term development.

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