Development Approach

Development Approach

Protective Packaging Development

CSP has proven experience in translating innovative ideas into real world products that meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Our product development team includes professionals with strong mechanical design capabilities, complemented by our in-house laboratory services and automation experts. Throughout the process, a dedicated CSP Program Manager coordinates all activities and provides customers with a single point of contact and accountability.

Our goal throughout the product development phase is to ensure all components meet the highest standards of quality, while maximizing production efficiency.
To achieve that goal, our product development team performs the following:

  • 3-D component design – We transform design concepts into part designs for manufacturing. Our expertise in advanced manufacturing techniques enables us to engineer solutions that reduce part count and assembly steps. Our design process approach can identify opportunities where CSP can incorporate pre-assembly, labeling, and printing to reduce our customers' overall packaging costs.
  • Rapid prototyping – CSP has a range of prototyping capabilities—from foam modeling to 3-D stereolithography models, to soft tooling—enabling us to produce prototypes quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Mold design – Our extensive expertise in complex molding processes enables CSP to rapidly produce, test and refine mold designs. During this step, we work out novel manufacturing techniques, ensuring design for manufacturability, part-to-part consistency and tool longevity.
  • Testing and analysis – Pre-production parts are used for testing and analysis for regulatory approval, human factors testing, and automation testing. After completing a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), we develop test methods to meet the specific requirements of each part or process, identifying and mitigating potential risk factors early in the development process.
  • Automation optimization – We work with customers to optimize both the manufactured part and the automation process for maximum efficiency in filling, packaging, and other automated processes, ensuring maximum uptime and machine throughput.

By taking full responsibility for the product design, the tooling and the related automation, CSP allows its customers to rely on a single point of contact—one who will ensure that designs are manufacturable and that all downstream automated systems will be successfully integrated.

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