Development Approach

Development Approach

Packaging Design Innovation / Ideation

Every great solution begins with a great idea. At CSP, we have a core group of experienced professionals with a proven ability to develop innovative ideas for solving complex product stability and consumer packaging challenges.

Our interdisciplinary design team includes professionals with backgrounds in product design, materials science, mold design, and automation. Working collaboratively with our customers, the CSP team takes a systems approach—always designing products with an eye toward consumer appeal, manufacturability and automation efficiency.

We listen carefully to our customers' needs, considering the full range of issues, including:

  • Product stability requirements – We help customers identify the optimal environmental conditions for their products, including relative humidity, oxygen, CO2, and other gases—establishing precise requirements for package design to protect product integrity and extend shelf life.
  • Consumer safety – We have extensive expertise in the area of child-resistant / senior friendly packaging. CSP has commercialized innovative child-resistant closure designs that have undergone thorough protocol testing.  These "market ready" designs can help accelerate development for new packaging products.
  • User convenience – With every new design, we focus on the end user and how they will interact with our product or package. Our innovative designs, including "senior friendly" closures, are easy to use, enhancing consumer experience while ensuring protection for our customers' products.
  • Brand awareness – We understand the critical importance of brand in the marketplace. Drawing on CSP's advanced manufacturing techniques—such as in-mold labeling and two-shot molding—we provide novel designs that add value to your brand, while delivering functional advantages.

The CSP team has the talent and the capability to deliver designs that combine form and function to meet virtually all customer requirements—with the assurance that those designs are fully manufacturable.

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