Development Approach

Development Approach

Protective Packaging Implementation

During the implementation phase, CSP engineers carefully transition products from development to full-scale manufacturing.

Working in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe, our development engineers and manufacturing engineers set up, test and validate production tooling and process parameters.

During this important phase, CSP engineering teams:

  • Build custom tooling – CSP's extensive expertise in advanced molding and extrusion techniques enables us to build tooling to meet virtually any manufacturing requirement.
  • Validate tooling – CSP engineers develop and conduct thorough tooling validations to ensure all tooling meets customer requirements and CSP's internal standards of quality and repeatability.
  • Plan secondary operations – To meet customer needs, our automation engineers develop and test secondary operations, including packaging, labeling, assembly, and printing.
  • Validate automation processes – We provide customers with specialized packaging and filling automation, for turnkey solutions. We work closely with customers to implement high-speed packaging lines to support CSP products.

Our commitment to a thorough, detailed implementation process is an important key to CSP's reputation for exceptional manufacturing quality and consistency.

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