Material Science

CSP Technologies, Inc.’s three-phase polymer is comprised of a network of interconnected transmitting channels to facilitate the diffusion of gases into the polymer matrix. This channel structure enables us to engineer formulations to absorb or release gasses from polymers.

CSP Technologies, Inc. can manipulate the kinetics of absorption or release of gases through formulation.

Characteristics of Activ-PolymerTM technology include:

  • A majority polymer that serves as the base component to provide structure.
  • An active particle that provides the desired characteristics, such as absorption of moisture, gases or odors; release of aromas, antimicrobials or nutrients; or transmittal to enhance the gas transmission rates of the polymer.
  • A minority polymer that is immiscible (non-mixing) in the majority polymer and has a chemical attraction for the active particle, creating pathways for complete access to the active particles.


  • Expertise in applied chemistry
  • Patented technology
  • In-house analytical capabilities