Customized Package & Component Development

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CSP Technologies, Inc. strives to engage early in the design and development process to provide turnkey services from concept straight through to commercialization. This one-stop-shop approach allows customers to achieve the most effective component and system design.

  • Ideation
  • Design and engineering services
  • Mold building
  • Project management and regulatory support
  • High quality manufacturing
  • 100% automated inspection
  • Automation integration
  • Smart and active packaging

“We are extremely pleased to have moved over to CSP to provide our packaging solution. We were impressed with the level of customer service provided by CSP to ensure that its product is right for our needs, both in terms of usability for our customers and also moisture absorption performance for our product. We feel that we now have world class packaging that enhances product quality and customer confidence and convenience.”

– Richard Brawn, Director of B.H. Brawn & Co., Ltd