About Us

CSP Technologies is a leading material science company delivering custom, innovative, high-quality product and highly engineered solutions to protect sensitive products.

Headquartered in Auburn, Alabama (conveniently located within a 2-hour drive from Atlanta) and through six worldwide locations, CSP Technologies operates under Six Sigma quality principles, manufactures to cGMP Standards and is ISO-9001 certified.

CSP Technologies is a responsive, flexible partner committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing. We have a proven history of pioneering technological solutions that ensure product protection and enhance our customers’ brand equity.

  • 400+

    Worldwide Patents
  • 6

    Worldwide Locations
  • 1 Billion+

    Products Shipped Annually
  • 100%

    Visual Inspection Equipment
  • Clean Room

    DNA Free Environment


  • Moisture Protection
  • Gas Scavenging
  • Antimicrobial
  • Air-tight Closure
  • Child Resistant / Senior Friendly
  • Tamper evidence


  • Closure Integrity Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Microbial Studies
  • Design and installation of specialized packaging lines

Our Mission

Combining expertise in material science with our passion for innovation to make the world safer by producing protective packaging solutions for healthcare and food markets.

 A Legacy of Innovation

With over 22 years of R&D expertise, CSP has developed the most extensive array of solutions to protect your sensitive healthcare and food products against moisture, gas, improve stability safety, freshness of your product at a new level.

For over 30 years, CSP Technologies has specialized in the manufacture of innovative leak-proof and airtight vials and custom molding solutions. The company revolutionized the dairy sampling process in 1983 and has served as a pioneer in the packaging industry spearheading innovation on a global basis ever since. In 2001, the company’s flip-top desiccated vial became the healthcare industry standard for the packaging of blood glucose test strips.

CSP Technologies holds numerous patents based on its three-phase Activ-PolymerTM technology, and possesses a growing portfolio of specialty packaging solutions. The company has two world-class manufacturing sites, located in Auburn, AL (conveniently within a 2-hour drive from Atlanta), and Niederbronn-les-Bains, France. Both locations provide design, engineering and world class polymer manufacturing.

To diversify its business profile and develop active packaging solutions for the healthcare and food industries, in 2016, the company acquired Maxwell Chase, a producer of absorbent and non-absorbent packaging solutions for the food industry. A third manufacturing facility located in Atlanta, GA was added to the business.

As a member of the Wendel Group, CSP Technologies has the global support of a $12+ billion worldwide enterprise comprised of similar industry leaders in the manufacturing and technology arenas. In addition, CSP Technologies “sister” companies include Maxwell Chase, Capitol Plastic Products, and CSP Dairy Solutions.